Coimbra has so much to see and feel. Coimbra, city of students, loves, Mondego, University, "capital" of Portugal, the lost city Aeminium, UNESCO World Heritage since 2013.
We leave to a suggestion of script for two days, to leave our local lodging. Given the privileged location of our accommodation and with points of interest within walking distance, you will be able to just walk, see a good part of what Coimbra has to offer.
Here are the suggested itineraries:

Day 1.
Get out of LUXCOIMBRA and then at 250 meters you have Carmel de Santa Teresa is a convent of monastic cloister of Carmelite Sisters, it was in Carmel de Santa Teresa that in 2005 Sister Lucia, one of the " three Pastorinhos" who claimed to have seen "Nossa Senhora " in Fátima in the year 1917.

Right next to it is the Penedo da Saudade, a rocky Promontory, now landscaped, whose name comes from the legend, according to which D. Pedro often went to the place, then known as Pedra dos Ventos, to mourn the loss of his longing Inês. One of the belvederes of the city. You can find several poems by well-known Portuguese poets.

Start descending towards the University and you will find the incredible Botânico garden, next to the S.Sebastião aqueduct (Arcos do Jardim). The collections of plants that fill each space transport us to different latitudes and regions of the world, transforming the Garden into a real living museum.

Climb to the university and have so much to know. We suggest the resounding Joanina Library, walk and get to know the oldest university in the country.
Descend by the famous Quebra Costas, a student reference point and go to Coimbra's downtown, past the Old Cathedral in the direction of the famous Santa Cruz church, enjoy the esplanade of the famous Santa Cruz coffee in Coimbra.

All downtown Coimbra has history, emblematic squares and places of reference. Meet every corner and walk towards the "Nova Sé" of Coimbra, a Catholic temple located in Largo da Feira.
Enjoy and get to know the Machado de Castro museum, and get to know the lost city that lies beneath Coimbra, Aeminium. Admire the magnificent view over Coimbra from this Museum.

Walk down the famous monumental stairs and head towards the famous Praca da Republica, where you can enjoy the garden of Sereia.

Passing through each of these sites will notice so many others to know. Coimbra is this, a discovery at every moment.
If you decide, walk further or return towards your LUXCOIMBRA.

Day 2.

Pass the Mondego River on the bridge of Santa Clara and stay on the left bank of the River, start by visiting the Monastery of Santa Clara a Velha, built on the left bank of the Mondego, the Monastery of Santa Clara has suffered ever since the successive advances of the waters of River.

The floods imposed the rhythm to the building works, and the quota of the whole of the monastery was being successively elevated, originating until the construction of an upper floor. The deterioration of their living conditions due to successive floods led to the construction, on the initiative of D. João IV, of a new monastery dubbed Santa Clara Nova.

This new Santa Clara Monastery may be your next step, here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city. A magical place, "home" of the Queen Santa Isabel, emblematic figure of Coimbra.

When descending from the Monastery enter the "Portugal dos pequenitos" ! The world in miniature!

Then get to know Quinta das Lágrimas, the story of Pedro and Inês, throughout the Jardim das Quinta das Lágrimas there are several traces of this tragic love that still inhabits the national imagination.
Recover energy with a craft beer at Praxis, it has all styles and tastes!
Back to the Sta Clara bridge, enjoy the way by the river, enjoy the incredible views of Coimbra. Magic moments!